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Reed Whitley is comfortable in his married life but struggles as an architect, a profession he never fully embraced.  Odd manifestations of an undiagnosed condition begin to blur the edges of reality. Long buried but vivid memories begin to surface, including a promise he made twenty-five years ago to the first girl he ever loved. Before dawn one morning, Reed follows the impulse to drive back to Smithville, Texas, the town of his teenage summers and first love, leaving his unknowing wife puzzled and worried. In a mix of poignant memory and present awareness, and against the backdrop of his mind-bending pathology, we meet seventeen-year-old Reed arriving at his Granny’s for a last season of freedom and adventure. We follow Reed through the people and events of 1969 that change him forever to 1994, twenty-five years later. The time has come to keep the promise he made so long ago. Doing so proves to be his salvation. 

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